Revision & assessments made easy!

ReviseOnline will improve your students' exam results - we've got no doubt about it. It's not just the students that benefit. Using our unparalleled library of material combined with our groundbreaking Teacher Portal, you get the best of both worlds. Save your precious time, and target it better than ever before, with ReviseOnline.

Formal Assessment Portal

ReviseOnline's revolutionary testing portal will take everything you love about us and apply it to your school's formal testing. One day, we'll replace paper tests altogether - but for now we're excited to help your students make it through this crazy time.

Teacher Portal

Use the teacher portal to monitor student progress. High-level analytics will help you customise exam strategies by highlighting student strengths and identifying nodes of weakness before they have a chance to impact ATAR performance.

Student Revision Portal

Get your students ready for tests and exams in the most effective way - practice! Help them get comfortable in exam conditions, improve recall, practice ATAR-exam-style questions and track how they perform, all in one place.