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“My students have been using ReviseOnline for only 1 week and I have seen huge uptake and increase in their motivation levels to do ‘extra’ self-directed revision."
Rob Malpelli - Peak Phys Ed
"Through practicing questions in these exam conditions, I was able to improve my grades as I was preparing myself for these stressful assessment conditions.”
Year 12 student - Trinity College
"I was pleased to see my son so engaged in his study. He was constantly praising the ability of the program to help him improve his exam technique."
Parent - Wesley College
“It’s been very useful for studying for specific topics. The marking guides are particularly helpful”
Year 12 student - St Leonards College
"ReviseOnline has been a great tool to help me revise for my exams. It is excellent that I am able to customise my revision and be able to check my answers immediately."
Year 12 student - PLC Melbourne
HSC Courses Units 1-4 (coming soon)
ReviseOnline offers specifically designed multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions which correlate with the format of the ATAR course requirements. ReviseOnline provides a marking key immediately after submission of your test or examination. All courses are current, HSC specific and are available in Units 1&2, or Units 3&4 so you can be confident that each question you complete is improving your skills to boost your ATAR score.

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Online delivery

We will load your test or exam into our testing platform and enable your students to sit their assessments digitally, whether they're in your classroom or remotely located.

Get some help!

With our Teacher-Student flagging system you can get feedback on any question - without having to stick up your hand in class. Your teacher will be alerted that you've flagged a question and you can work it out together, all from within our portal.

Formal Assessment Portal

ReviseOnline's revolutionary testing portal will take everything you love about us and apply it to your school's formal testing. One day, we'll replace paper tests altogether - but for now we're excited to help your students make it through this crazy time.

Teacher Portal

Use the teacher portal to monitor student progress. High-level analytics will help you customise exam strategies by highlighting student strengths and identifying nodes of weakness before they have a chance to impact ATAR performance.

Student Revision Portal

Get your students ready for tests and exams in the most effective way - practice! Help them get comfortable in exam conditions, improve recall, practice ATAR-exam-style questions and track how they perform, all in one place.

Powerful Analytics

Our analytics tool will instantly show you student and class performance trends, allowing you to use your time most effectively by reviewing topics of weakness and helping struggling students.

Results Streamlined

Make your marking easier; with multi-choice questions marked for you, an easy mark allocation system and results exported digitally - you'll be able to focus your time on teaching!

Revise for Readiness

ReviseOnline will help your students get comfortable with our platform ahead of exams, as well as providing unparalleled content revision and exam practice.

Ease of use

We've spent 5 years making ReviseOnline the best digital revision experience out there. Now we can help your students take their formal tests and exams remotely without being hamstrung by a poor online experience.


Over our history helping teachers and students to access the best revision material, we've heard time and time again that ReviseOnline genuinely improves marks. That's why we exist.


"Improve your student results with our library of ATAR-quality material; developed by leading subject specialists, delivered in carefully crafted exam formats and without ever repeating a question."


"Instantly track individual and class performance to identify areas of weakness and students falling behind, so you can best target your teaching."


 "Tackle misunderstandings before it's too late using the teacher-student communication, where they can ask questions and you can provide feedback on their exam answers."


"Understand your class' usage patterns to set revision schedules, increase accountability and share feedback with parents for maximum effectiveness."

Class analytics

Delve deeper to discover strengths and weaknesses for individual topic or section performance within assessments

Exam Builder

Need a mid year exam or want to target specific topics in an exam? Our unique exam builder allows students to create assessments using only the topics they have studied.

Revise anywhere

ReviseOnline works across all of your devices so it goes wherever you go!

Quality Questions

Our ATAR-exam-style questions are developed by subject specialists in each state, with years of ATAR exam writing & marking experience. With a library of thousands, your students will never see the same question twice.

Exam Conditions

With timed assessments, exam-style instructions and marks structured like ATAR exams, practice with ReviseOnline will get you used to exams long before you sit one.

Perfect answers
Students will learn as they assess themselves with our fully worked marking keys. They'll see how teachers allocate marks and get insight into the best possible responses.

Thousands of combinations of tests and exams


Monitors your progress


Sets a time for each test and exam you start


Multiple choice answers marked for you

Trusted by Heads of Learning Areas.
Trusted by Australian schools, who invest in quality programmes, that deliver a direct impact to the ATAR scores of their students.

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For the teachers

Teachers: Finally a program created by teachers, for the benefit of teachers!.....and now, we’re taking it to the NEXT LEVEL by adding a whole new dimension.