5 reasons why doing practice exams works


It is well known that students who do a mock version of an exam benefit from it immensely. Some experts even say that it can be a more beneficial way to prepare for an exam than spending the same amount of time studying. 


Read on to find out 5 reasons why doing practice exams works.


5 reasons why doing practice exams works


1.    Reduce anxiety: When you complete practice exams you are developing your confidence and familiarity with the tasks and therefore helping to reduce your anxiety. 


2.    Highlight the gaps in your knowledge: Doing practice exams will help you to determine what topics you know and what areas you need to concentrate on. 


3.    Space out your learning: Spacing out your learning over a few days improves overall retention. 


4.    Apply your knowledge: You are more likely to retain content if you apply your learning to actual questions.


5.    Demystify the whole thing: Completing a practice exam will give you a sense for the layout, question style and overall expectations of the exam. It also allows you to practice managing your time.  


It is a really good idea to make time to do a few practice exams before you do the real thing. You will definitely feel more confident having done the practice. 


Spend your time preparing effectively by completing practice exams. If you want to learn more about doing practice for your ATAR exams – visit us. ReviseOnline.