Solving the age old problem...

As teachers, we’re well aware that practice exams and tests are the most effective and efficient way to study. Despite knowing this, the resistance from students to put in the hard yards can be real and frustrating.


The research we conducted at schools had several recurring themes:

        Despite being book-listed, students weren’t buying traditional revision manuals. Those who did, invariably indicated that the books were at home when they needed them at school and vice versa!

        Kids who did complete practice exams had no seamless way to connect with their teachers for help on specific issues, especially during study leave.

        Teachers were in the dark over which students were truly putting in effort (and not just saying they were!!)

        Teachers needed to know what their students DIDN’T know, in order to individually tailor their programs and have a real impact on exam confidence and ultimately, ATAR results.


Our solution?


A NEW Teacher Portal, fully integrated with our existing student revision platform, solving the problems, one by one.


        •  No book to study at home? ReviseOnline subscriptions level the playing field, ensuring all students have access to practice tests and exams, including immediate feedback via sample responses and marking keys, 24/7, on any device.

        •  Seamless connection for additional help? Students can use our unique flagging system to request feedback from teachers for the more challenging questions they come across. Teachers can jump straight into their assessments to help!

        •  Insights into student activity? The new portal allows you to view your students’ usage patterns to help increase accountability and drive motivation. It’s also makes for an excellent visual representation of student effort at parent/teacher interviews!

        •  Analytics? Delve deeper to discover strengths and weakness’ for individual topics or section performance within assessments.


Ticking the boxes, one by one, our aim is to have students engaged and supported in their test and exam preparation and teachers confident their students have the best possible resource to help them achieve their goals!


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