5 tips every student should know at the start of a new school year

Welcome back to school! By now, you have probably come to terms with the ways things are going to roll this year. 

You have: 

  • Met your teachers.
  • Found your place in the classroom. 
  • Realised that the prices are up in the canteen.
  • And you are starting to get in to the routine of waking up before noon. 

Nothing new, right? You have done this before and you will do it again. Unless… you are in Year 12 and then you will never do it again.  Wow.

So you should start this year off right and read the following 5 tips every student should know at the start of a new school year. 


5 tips every student should know at the start of a new school year

  1. Manage your school diary. Go through your school diary or calendar on your device and write down any events that are scheduled for this year. When are the exams? When are the holidays? And then fill out your timetable.  
  2. Get your supplies. Make sure you know exactly what you need for each class and get it sorted.   
  3. Know your course syllabus and study design. If you are in WA then get to know the SCSA website. For VIC students, visit VCAA.. This will identify exactly what it is you need to know for each subject. It can be dry but it is worthwhile you persevere.
  4. Get involved and have fun. Your school community is awesome because more than likely there are other people sharing your passions. Learn an instrument, join a band, start a drama club or a book club, train with a sports team… It is fun to be involved, explore your interests and make new friends. 
  5. Work out what each teacher expects of you. Every teacher is different and whether you like it or not, if you can learn what it is that your teacher expects from you then you will make your life easier. Doing well in your final years requires a team effort so do the righty by your teacher then it you will feel more comfortable to seek help when you need it. 


Start the school year right and give yourself a head start on achieving your potential. If you want to learn more about preparing for your ATAR exams – visit us. ReviseOnline.