25 ways to take a study break


You are in the middle of your final year(s) of schooling, so no doubt you’re feeling the pressure to study, study and do more study. You also have tests all the time and exams coming up… #Stressful. 


  • Yes, it’s important to stay focused on your study objectives and subject goals. 
  • Yes, there is not long to go and then it will all be over. 


  • Yes, it’s equally important to take some time out to refresh and relax. 


Studies show that adequate sleep, physical exercise, healthy eating and spending time with friends and family can contribute to a better mind for study and better results


Your breaks do not need to be extended; in fact short breaks can be just as meaningful. There is no need to make this complicated!


Read on for 25 ways to take a study break. 


25 ways to take a study break 


1. Take a bath. 

2. Rest your legs up on a wall. 

3. Go to the river or ocean. 

4. Sit in nature. 

5. Lie in the sun. 

6. Look for a shooting star.

7. Meditate. 

8. Take 10 big belly breaths. 

9. Walk outside. 

10. Pat a furry creature. 

11. Do a puzzle.

12. Look at art. 

13. Stretch. 

14. Do a random act of kindness. 

15. Light a candle or some incense. 

16. Go for a bike ride. 

17. Make some music. 

18. Hug your friend or family member. 

19. Bake a cake.

20. Pick some flowers. 

21. Climb a tree.

22. Take a nap in a hammock.

23. Colour in a picture.

24. Fix something that is broken.

25. Fly a kite. 


Having a break can have a powerful effect on your attitude and productivity. Take a moment to step away from your study by doing something uncomplicated and meaningful. 


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