Using ReviseOnline in the classroom; Teaching Approaches


ReviseOnline is an online revision tool designed to help your students reach their ATAR potential. It was created by teachers who were frustrated by the inefficient manner that they were creating test and exam preparation materials for their students. Read more about their journey here.  


So, you have been told ReviseOnline can be a highly effective and useful revision tool for your students, but perhaps you’re wondering what are some ways you can use it in the classroom… well, keep reading.


Using ReviseOnline in the classroom; Teaching Approaches:


1.    Flipped Model: There are many ways a flipped approach could be used here, however one method worth trying is:

• Set a topic test for homework with the expectation that students list any specific questions, confusing terminology or general areas of difficulty that they experience.

• Students submit this information to you.

• You use this information to guide explicit teaching in a follow-up lesson. The benefit here is knowing that your lesson is specifically targeting and being individually prepared for your students.


2.     Individual Work: If you’re absent from class (or not), consider students completing a topic test. Research shows that individual work encourages students to take responsibility for their leaning, enables students a chance to work independently, time to think through their answers carefully, practice self-control, work to their own pace and improve confidence in working through a problem without the intervention or pressure of others.


3.     Exam and Test Preparation: Rather than sourcing and photocopying reams of exam and test preparation material for your students, rely completely on ReviseOnline.


4.     Partner or Group Work: Students work through topic tests together, therefore being encouraged to discuss and work through problems as a team. Click here for a summary on why partner and group work is an effective classroom pedagogy. 


5.     Connecting with parents: Parents are often looking for ways to help their child extend their knowledge, stay focused and get an edge over others. Manage the relationships with your students’ parents and your time effectively by introducing them to ReviseOnline.


Did you know you can also request activity reports for your students? Valuable feedback at parent/teacher interview time and a great way to stay on top of students’ study habits.


Ultimately by incorporating ReviseOnline in your lessons the more familiar your students will become with its functionality and the more likely they are to use it in their own time. 


What creative ways have used ReviseOnline with your students? We’d love to hear. Visit us. ReviseOnline.