2 HUGE misconceptions about Year 11


When you hit year 11, everyone is suddenly full of tips & tricks guaranteed to help with your ATAR. Unfortunately, there's some 'advice’ out there that can seriously damage your final results. We're breaking down 2 major misconceptions to watch out for in year 11.


1.  How you're doing in year 11 dictates how you'll do in year 12

ATAR is a big step up from year 10, and people handle that differently. Some adjust quickly and excel to begin; but through complacence their marks slip, and they end up doing poorly in year 12. Plenty of others really struggle with year 11; but through hard work and consistency they are flying by the end of year 12. At the end of the day, all that matters is you do what you can this week. If you're doing well - keep pushing, and if you’re floundering a bit – don’t quit!


2.  Year 11 doesn’t matter, since the marks don’t carry over to year 12.

While it’s true that your marks don’t carry over, the course content absolutely does. The whole point of the Year 11 material is to set you up for year 12. If you don't learn it now, next year's content will be much harder.

The learning skills you build in year 11 also benefit you - not just in year 12 - but right through your Uni years too. In fact your study skills, on top of the wide knowledge base you learn in ATAR, are almost more important than the number in your score!

If that weren't enough motivation; since COVID, some Unis are accepting students purely on their year 11 results and predicted ATAR (check the links below for more details). 


In the end, it's pretty straightforward. If you stay consistent, master the most efficient study habits (*ahem* revision assessments *ahem*) and do the best you can today, you'll succeed in whatever you choose.


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