Could playing Fortnite be a great way to improve your study output? 


Sick of being hassled about your gaming? Read on to find out how you can reward yourself with game time and improve your study output! 


We all know that no one can spend all day and night studying. There comes a point where you no longer are effective…. you’re too tired, or are just trying to take too much in. 


It’s important to set yourself a schedule that allows you to pace yourself and improve output. Weekly study schedules should include some time to: 


1.     Review new concepts learnt in class that day 

2.     Ensure your class notes are legible and cover all the important stuff (see your study design or syllabus for the key points to address) WACE Syllabus can be found here and VCE study design is available here

3.     Complete homework tasks 

4.     Review your study design/syllabus for upcoming lessons to get ahead on concepts 

5.     Test yourself! There’s nothing like finding out what you don’t know to help direct your study. Course specific tests and exams can be found here

6.     Play Fortnite! 


Now, while it’s vital to include time for things that lift your mood or energise you, it’s also important to set boundaries to ensure you still achieve your goals. The key thing to consider is ensuring you meet your output targets before you move on to the reward. Perhaps you can set a goal of writing notes on chapter 6 and rewarding yourself with one game? Or complete a one hour practice topic test before chilling with a 20 minute battle?  Ideally, your study time will be at least 2-3 times as long as your down time, ensuring your study plan is manageable and effective and you will have something to show for your efforts at the end. 


So, next time your parents are pushing you to study, show them how much you’ve already achieved and remind them… it’s all part of the the plan! 



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