HOW to do practice exams effectively



You’ll already know that with just a few short weeks to go, practice exams are the most effective form of revision you can do. If you need a refresher on WHY they work, read our past blog here.


But did you know, it also comes down to HOW you do the practice exams that determines how effective they will be?


Read on for our top tips on HOW to do a practice exam for maximum effect.


  1. Not just any exam will do. It needs to be the same standard and based around your current curriculum to be effective. (read HERE for more info on why this is important). In addition, it’s vital that it comes complete with quality sample responses and marking keys (see point 5). Find exams, set to your curriculum at ReviseOnline, or ask your teacher to help you out.
  2. Replicate exam conditions. Okay, so they’re not going to let you into an exam with your phone, cluttered desk, textbooks, tunes, or notes. Remove all unnecessary items, close other apps and tabs, and activate Do Not Disturb if you’re doing your exam online. It’s also key to find somewhere quiet. A library will be perfect for this. You won’t be disturbed, and it’s also just that little bit out of your comfort zone, not unlike your exam venue may be.
  3. Prepare to do the whole thing. There's no room for 'Honey Badger' levels of commitment here. No backing out last minute, no doing 'just a section', or just the questions that look easy and will boost your confidence. In a few short weeks, you won’t be able to pick and choose. Exam conditions + full exam formats are your best preparation.
  4. Use a timer. Nothing prepares you for a game better than a practice match. You aren’t going to have all day to score a goal, nor will you have all day to write that essay! ReviseOnline has an inbuilt timer to help you pace yourself. You’ll also want to keep an eye on how long it takes to complete each section. Be sure to note the suggested times in each exam and try to stick to them.
  5. PHEW! EXAM DONE! Awesome. The hard work doesn’t stop there, though. If you’re using ReviseOnline, you can now generate your marking key and sample answers. The multiple choice will be marked for you, and you can use the marking keys to mark your other sections. Be extra careful to note where you have gone wrong or haven’t provided enough detail for full marks in a response. Also look for ways to be more concise in your responses. You don’t get extra points for babbling on, and it may save you valuable time on the big day.
  6. Now here’s the thing…… A swimmer might have a great stroke, but if they’ve done their race debrief and discovered it’s their tumble turn that lets them down, practicing that whole race over and over, without refining that skill, isn’t going to get them far. Take what you have learnt in point 5 and use that information to refine your skill and technique before moving on.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice! Repeat steps 1-6 for each of your subjects, refine your knowledge, skill and technique, BOOST your confidence, and be match fit for the big day!


Find all you need, with FULL exams, all TAILORED to your curriculum, COMPLETE with feedback at ReviseOnline NOW.


You’ve got this!