Coronavirus: What can I do for my ATAR students if my school is locked down?

ReviseOnline is already Australia's 'go-to' resource for ATAR revision, with hundreds of schools currently preparing for ATAR success on our remote-access platform.

Recently we have experienced a surge in enquiries from school leaders, worried about continuity for their students and seeking to implement strategies that de-risk current events surrounding COVID-19. The likelihood that a school may have to transition from on-site delivery to home delivery and back again is growing and school leadership teams are preparing in earnest.

If it transpires that your school is locked down for an extended period, what can ATAR students do to prevent interruptions to learning and preparation?  Many, if not all schools are planning and developing policies as we speak. From "how do we deliver ATAR Chem pracs?", to "how does a school make a remote workplace safe for staff?"

Here are some simple strategies from our Remote Learning Expert that will help you through an extended period of isolated learning delivery:

1) Stay cool, calculated and focused- State Education Departments are formulating strategies to manage the fall-out for students and it is likely that no student will be disadvantaged.

2) Give priority to your ATAR students- Year 12 students only have 24 contact weeks left. If schools are shut for 2 weeks, it will deliver a dis-proportionate dis-advantage to these students, so show them some love.

3) Be prepared- have a flexible learning plan ready (at least 2 weeks) and a pre-approved communication protocol set up (Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc), capable of allowing you to communicate with students and fellow staff in a professional and documented fashion. Obviously schools have different student/teacher communication policies. LMS or other approved channels will generally be fine, but check with your school early. Remember, the way you write a lesson plan for remote delivery is different to a face to face lesson. A remote lesson is more prescriptive and directive based.

4) Set up a work space at home- Many schools have policies on work from home requirements, many do not. These requirements may include- desk, ergonomic chair, internet access, printer/scanner access, laptop, RCD (residual current device) smoke detectors, mobile phone access, first aid kit, lighting and ventilation standards. You may have to photograph the work station for Work Safe and insurance purposes.

5) Be proactiveReviseOnline advocates the use of a supplementary, online learning platform. Your students can revise as normal, at home, returning fully prepared for their next assessment, having practiced ATAR standard questions in a structured environment. Make sure you have a high speed internet connection at home.

6) Monitor student progress- Using the ReviseOnline teacher portal to view students work, give feedback and track progress, our program will allow you to have a measurable anchor-point of certainty during an unstable period. 


Contact ReviseOnline ASAP to discuss strategies for remote learning and to secure early adoption for your school.