Teachers, keep your holiday mindset during term

As a teacher, your mindset and wellbeing certainly influences the relationships you build and the work that you do in a classroom. Teenagers are highly intuitive and studies show that they feed off a teacher’s enthusiasm and motivation.


Personally, I know that when I have a positive mindset, I am more creative and can work collaboratively with my colleagues with greater effectiveness. This often means I am also able to reach my lesson objectives with greater satisfaction and deal with fewer behavioural issues.     


Therefore, coming into a new school year it is good practice to ask yourself a few questions. Questions that are designed to help you to keep your holiday mindset during term.


  • What is your purpose?  Think about why you became a teacher, why you are still a teacher and what you enjoy about teaching. (We all know it’s more than just the holidays!)


  • What are your grateful for? Build your overall positive outlook by regularly taking note of what you think is great at school.


  • Do you make a clear distinction between work and home? Think about what time you want to be home every day to ensure you have adequate relaxation time and can invest in ‘your life’.


  • What sleeping habits can you develop? Even though you can’t sleep-in or have lunch time naps during term, you can maintain good sleeping habits. Take a bath, read a book, turn off electronics and ensure you get quality sleep. Research shows that sleep contributes to positive psychological and physical health.


  • Do you make time for others in the school community? When school gets going it becomes harder and harder to break for lunch or have corridor chats with your colleagues. If you take the time to form positive relationships with your colleagues, students and parents, your life at school will be more pleasant.


  • What ways can you work smarter and not harder? There are many possibilities here. Consider ways to collaborate, reuse resources from last year, utilise your contacts, mark for effectively, write agendas for meetings etc.


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