6 reasons why you should study over the holidays

Want to get ahead? Are you starting to get a bit bored? Have you considered doing some study this summer? Maybe you have that niggling feeling that you should do some study before the year starts.
Whether you have or not, the fact of the matter is, the holidays are almost over. Sad face emoticon. But there is still time to do something and there is good reason to do it. You need to read on to discover 6 reasons why you should study over the holidays.

1. Routine not will power

As a student you have established a solid routine over the last 10 or so years. Your days at school are heavily scheduled and you have adapted to the time constraints imposed by a school. Your ‘down’ time is invaluable however so is this routine.

The first time you sit down to do study is the hardest but once you have developed a routine with your study it becomes a lot easier to maintain long term and is more effective. This is what you want, because the year is long and busy so you must establish a positive study routine early and the holidays is a great time to start.

2. Revision

Holidays offer a prime opportunity to do some study without the pressure of homework. Consider doing the following:

  1. Take out your notes – build a mind map to connect your skills and content knowledge.
  2. Find the WA curriculum online here or VIC study design here and read through it.
  3. Revisit your past tests and exams and learn from your mistakes.

3. Your brain isn’t on holiday

Your brain is a muscle and like all muscles needs consistent activity to perform at an optimal level. This is why you should start to do some study during the holidays so your brain is warmed-up and good to go, first day back.

4. Get prepared and get ahead

You have a fair idea of where your subjects are heading already. If you don’t, first step is to review your booklist and ask yourself: “What clues are offered in this booklist about topics that will be covered in each subject?” Then follow those clues to help you get prepared by researching and reading ahead.

5. Extend your knowledge, enjoy learning

Because you are not pressured for time, now is your chance to extend your knowledge in the subjects that you are truly interested in. Get crazy and delve deeply into Post-Modern Literature or explore Foreign Investment.

6. Study with friends

Find a like-minded friend or group of friends to discuss the year ahead and make some goals together. Friendly competition and a strong support network will make the year more enjoyable and successful. Hanging out with friends is always fun so you can make a plan and start preparing for the year ahead together.

Build these ideas into your holiday activities and enjoy the time you dedicate to your study. Create a positive mindset about the year ahead.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of studying over the holidays, or if you would like to discover how to effectively prepare for tests and exams – drop us a line.