3 Steps to Studying like a pro

Holidays… a time to chill. Holidays… a time to study? Do you know that students who start studying early are less stressed and get better grades in their final years of schooling? It is because you have so much time over the holidays that it makes for a good time to get into some study… but how in the world do you get motivated?

If you are looking for motivation, here are 3 steps to studying like a pro.

1) Bring gaming into study.

Discipline is HARD, especially during the holidays so you want to try to make study more effective by limiting DISTRACTIONS.

  • Study with a friend and put your phones in a pile with a $ amount on top. The first person to reach for their phone loses their money. It doesn’t have to be money, get creative with the consequences.
  • Download an APP that blocks your access to social media for a specific time. Click here for a list of APPS to help you study and stay focused.

2) Learn from Steve Jobs.

Picture Steve Jobs in your mind.

Is he is wearing a black long sleeve shirt and some jeans? Steve Jobs wore this same outfit for 20 years because he didn’t want to suffer from “decision fatigue.” In other words he didn’t want to waste energy deciding what to wear each day because he wanted to channel this energy in to his work.

What can you learn from this?

You should develop a routine these holidays and remove the element of choice from the equation. There is always something better to do than study but if you have a solid routine then you eliminate the choices because you need to follow your routine.

3) Keep fresh.

You have the flexibility in holidays to change your study locations. Freshen it up. Take your books to the beach, lie on the grass in the park, take your computer to the café. You are less rushed so you have more time to freshen your study environment. Choose locations that have limited distractions but are different enough to be fresh.

Start the term with a confident attitude and be ahead of the game by following these 3 steps to studying like a pro.  

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