7 Common issues for Year 12 students

If you are transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12 then you have probably started to think about how you want this year to turn out. After all, you are in your most important year of high school.


Over the years we have taken note of some common issues for Year 12 students and in this article, we will share them with you to ensure these issues do not become an issue for you.


At ReviseOnline we want to help you reach your ATAR potential. Keep reading to find out 7 common issues for Year 12 students.


7 common issues for Year 12 students


1. Poor time management: You may find you struggle with time management in Year 12 because you simply have to deal with much greater demands. It is not just “school as usual”. One thing for sure is that you have more assessments in a smaller time-frame. Therefore, you must regularly review your commitments and prioritise. Make sure you also allocate sufficient time for sleep and hobbies.


2.  Limited independence: Even if it’s worked in the past, you will not be able to master your subjects solely by the work that you do in class. You will have to revise, practice and teach yourself at home. Remember to ask questions and take control of your learning.


3.  Subject selection mistakes: Students are often reluctant to drop subjects that they struggled with in Year 11 because they want sufficient ‘back-up options’. This may not always be necessary.


4.  Unaware of syllabus and study design requirements: The syllabus can be clunky to read and comprehend (even for teachers), so many students do not take the time to understand what is required of them. Read the syllabus! WA click here, VIC click here.   


5.  Not enough emphasis on school assessments: Remember that 50% of your ATAR comes from your school marks and 50% of the end of year exam marks.


6.  Cram for exams: Too many students cruise through the term, then cram for exams and don’t give themselves the greatest opportunity for success.


7.  Working without a clear goal:  It is important for Year 12 students to set clear short and longer-term goals. Goals give you regular check-points throughout the year to ensure you get the ATAR that you want.


Don’t make the mistakes too many students have made in the past. If you want to learn more about preparing for your ATAR exams – visit us. ReviseOnline.