Get the most out of your teacher's feedback

The feedback you get from your teachers is undoubtedly the best information you can receive all year. After all, they are the ones who are marking your work and whether you personally like them or not, your teacher does have a vested interest in your success.


Your teacher cares about your success, but in most cases, they are juggling the demands and expectations of 100 or so other students, so keep that in mind. You need to be respectful and considerate because this will always work in your favour.  


At ReviseOnline we want to help you reach your ATAR potential. Keep reading to help you get the most out of your teacher’s feedback.


Questions to help you get the most out of your teacher’s feedback


1.  “What can I add to this answer to make it better?”  


2.  “Why did I get this wrong?”


3.  “Do you have a sample ‘good’ response that I could have for this question?”


4.  “What do I need to do to improve in this skill/area?”


5.  “Can I resubmit my response for your review based on the feedback you have given? Not for marks but for the practise.”


6.  “I don’t fully understand what we covered in class today, do you have any additional reading or can you please explain it again?”


Try to avoid vague questions like, “I need help with… everything!” Try to break your concerns down into specific areas, that way your teacher can specifically help you to improve. Unfortunately, a vague question lends itself to a vague answer.


Now you have some ideas on what types of questions you should ask, you need to consider how you ask your questions. Below are some tips to help:


Tip 1. Consider your timing: Try not to be annoying. Sending an email, the night before an assessment is usually irritating for a teacher because it suggests that you have ONLY just started to prepare for this assessment. Ask them for some time to clarify the questions you have at least a few days prior. This is more realistic as it allows the teacher to determine when they can allocate you some time. Remember they are doing you a favour.


Tip 2. Write down your list of questions: If you have your questions written down then you won’t forget them and you can write notes as your teacher explains the answers to you as you go.


Tip 3. Email your teachers appropriately: Make sure your email has proper punctuation and uses correct grammar. Especially if you are emailing your English teacher.


Value your teacher’s hard work and make the most of the feedback you receive. If you want to learn more about preparing for your ATAR exams – visit us. ReviseOnline.