VCE Biology

Subscribing to ReviseOnline VCE Biology course (Units 1&2 and Units 3&4) gives you access to an extensive range of revision material, which can deliver a significant boost to your ATAR score. VCE Biology enables students to investigate the processes involved in sustaining life at cellular, system and species levels. In undertaking this study, students develop an understanding that, in the dynamic and interconnected system of life, all change has consequences that may affect an individual, a species or the collective biodiversity of Earth. Students gain insights into how molecular and evolutionary concepts and key science skills underpin much of contemporary biology, and how society applies such skills and concepts to resolve problems and make scientific advancements.

Using only VCE Curriculum specific assessment material, students use ReviseOnline to develop skills to more effectively articulate responses and manage time pressure, leading to less stress and higher scores.

Users of ReviseOnline Biology will receive:


Topic tests

Exam builders

Full exams

Year 11 (Unit 1&2)




Year 12 (Unit 3&4)




Structure of assessments

  • Topic tests -15 Multiple Choice (15 marks), 5 Short Answers (30 marks). Suggested time 50 min each

  • Exam builders - 25 Multiple Choice (25 marks), 8 Short Answers (50 marks). Suggested time 2hr each

  • Full exams - 40 Multiple Choice (40 marks), 12 Short Answers (80 marks). Suggested time 2hr 30min each

Marking keys

Each test or exam also comes complete with sample answers and VCE style marking keys. Multiple choice are automatically marked for you.

Topic areas covered:

Unit 1 AOS1 How do cells function?

Unit 3 AOS1 What is the role of nucleic acids and proteins in maintaining life?

Unit 1 AOS2 How do plant and animal systems function?

Unit 3 AOS2 How are biochemical pathways regulated?

Unit 2 AOS1 How is inheritance explained?

Unit 4 AOS1 How do organisms respond to pathogens?

Unit 2 AOS2 How do inherited adaptations impact on diversity

Unit 4 AOS2 How are species related over time?