VCE Mathematics Methods

Subscribing to ReviseOnline VCE Mathematics Methods course (Units 1&2 and Units 3&4) gives you access to an extensive range of revision material, which can deliver a significant boost to your ATAR score. VCE Health & Human Development is designed to give the student a better understanding of advanced mathematical analysis. Units 1&2 cover simple elementary functions of a single real variable, algebra, calculus and probability, while Units 3&4 extends the foundation knowledge gained in Units 1&2 to a more robust and complex understanding of practical and theoretical mathematical concepts.

Using only VCE Curriculum specific assessment material, students use ReviseOnline to develop skills to more effectively articulate responses and manage time pressure, leading to less stress and higher scores.

Users of ReviseOnline Mathematics Methods receive:


Topic tests

Exam builders

Full exams

Year 12 (Unit 3&4)




Structure of assessments

  • Topic tests - 3 Tech free short answers (14 marks), 6 multiple choice (6 marks), 2 Tech active short answers (24 marks). Suggested time 65 min each

  • Exam builders - 5 Tech free short answers (27 marks), 16 multiple choice (16 marks), 3 Tech active short answers (36 marks). Suggested time 2hr each

  • Full exams - 8 Tech free short answers (40 marks), 20 multiple choice (20 marks), 5 Tech active short answers (60 marks). Suggested time 3hr each

Marking keys

Fully worked solutions are provided for each question, clearly showing the breakdown of mark allocations and replicating VCE style marking keys. Multiple choice are automatically marked for you.

Downloadable Supplementary documents are available within each assessment for reference. 

Topic areas covered:

Year 12 (Unit 3&4)


Circular functions and trigonometric equations

Co-ordinate geometry, functions and matrices


Polynomials, exponential and logarithmic functions

Probability, random variables and distribution

Statistical inference