VCE Psychology (2023 Study design)

Subscribing to ReviseOnline VCE Psychology course (Units 1&2 and Units 3&4) gives you access to an extensive range of revision material, which can deliver a significant boost to your ATAR score. VCE Psychology is designed to give the student a better understanding of the scientific study of human behaviour. Units 1&2 cover how mental & behavioural processes are shaped and how external influences affect these processes, while Units 3&4 investigate human experience and how wellbeing is manifested and maintained.

Using only VCE Curriculum specific assessment material, students use ReviseOnline to develop skills to more effectively articulate responses and manage time pressure, leading to less stress and higher scores.

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Year 11 (Unit 1&2) 2023 study design




Year 12 (Unit 3&4) 2023 study design




Structure of assessments

  • Topic tests - 15 Multiple Choice (15 marks), 6 Short Answers (30 marks). Suggested time 40 min each

  • Exam builders - 30 Multiple Choice (30 marks), 6 Short Answers (40 marks), 1 Extended Answer (10 marks). Suggested time 1hr 30min each

  • Full exams - 50 Multiple Choice (50 marks), 8 Short Answers (60 marks), 1 Extended Answer (10 marks). Suggested time 2hr 30min each

Marking keys

Each test or exam also comes complete with sample answers and VCE style marking keys. Multiple choice are automatically marked for you.

Topic areas covered:

Year 11 (Unit 1&2) (2023 Study design)

Year 12 (Unit 3&4) (2023 Study design)

Unit 1 AOS1 What influences psychological development

Unit 3 AOS1 How does the nervous system enable psychological functioning?

Unit 1 AOS2 How are mental processes and behaviours influenced by the brain?

Unit 3 AOS2 How do people learn and remember?

Unit 2 AOS1 How are people influenced to behave in particular ways?

Unit 4 AOS1 How does sleep affect mental processes and behaviour

Unit 2 AOS2 What influences a person’s perception of the world?

Unit 4 AOS2 What influences mental wellbeing?

Research methods

Research methods