WACE Applied Information Technology

Applied Information Technology (Units 1&2 and Units 3&4) gives you access to an extensive range of revision material, which can deliver a significant boost to your ATAR score. In WACE Applied Information Technology, students investigate client-driven issues and challenges, devise solutions, produce models or prototypes and then evaluate and refine the design solution in collaboration with the client. Students are provided with the opportunity to experience, albeit in a school environment, developing digital solutions for real situations.

Using only WA Curriculum specific assessment material, students use ReviseOnline to develop skills to more effectively articulate responses and manage time pressure, leading to less stress and higher scores.

Users of ReviseOnline Applied Information Technology will receive:


Topic tests

Exam builders

Full exams

Year 11 (Unit 1&2)




Year 12 (Unit 3&4)




Structure of assessments

  • Topic tests -5 Multiple Choice (5 marks), 4 Short Answers (30 marks). Suggested time 30 min each

  • Exam builders - 10 Multiple Choice (10 marks), 5 Short Answers (36 marks), 1 Extended Answer (30 marks). Suggested time 90min each

  • Full exams - 15 Multiple Choice (15 marks), 7 Short Answers (51 marks), 1 Extended Answer (30 marks), 1 Scenario (67 marks). Suggested time 3hr each

Marking keys

Each test or exam also comes complete with sample answers and WACE style marking keys. Multiple choice are automatically marked for you.

Topic areas covered:

Year 11 (Unit 1&2)

Year 12 (Unit 3&4)

Design concepts (Unit 1)

Design concepts (Unit 3)

Hardware (Unit 1)

Hardware (Unit 3)

Impacts of technology (Unit 1)

Impacts of technology (Unit 3)

Application skills and project management (Unit 1)

Application skills and project management (Unit 3)

Managing data (Unit 2)

Managing data (Unit 4)

Networks (Unit 2)

Networks (Unit 4)

Impacts of technology (Unit 2)

Impacts of technology (Unit 4)

Application skills and project management (Unit 2)

Application skills and project management (Unit 4)